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Victory Vegas
Unless otherwise noted products fit all '03 and UP Vegas including the
'12-up High Ball and the '15 Gunner!


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Vegas rear installed
VR-103 shown mounted

Vegas rear standalone
VR-101 shown

Vegas Rear LED Turn Signal Assembly


Red Lens w/Red LEDs                              Item # VR-101

Clear Lens w/Red LEDs                            Item # VR-102

Dark Smoke Lens w/Red LEDs                   Item # VR-102DS

Light Smoke Lens w/Red LEDs                   Item # VR-102LS

Clear Lens w/Amber LEDs                         Item # VR-103

Dark Smoke Lens w/Amber LEDs                Item # VR-103DS

Light Smoke Lens w/Amber LEDs                Item # VR-103LS 


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wrap arounds 

HD wrap arounds

43mm Billet LED Front Wrap-Around Turn Signals

U.S. Patent Nos. US 8,876,331 B2 * US 8,192,061 B2 * D605,345 S * D611,177 S * D611,178 S * D611,187 S


Chrome w/Clear Lens (set)                       Item # WA43-CC

Chrome w/Smoke Lens (set)                     Item # WA43-CS

Black Anodized w/Clear Lens (set)             Item # WA43-BC

Black Anodized w/Smoke Lens (set)           Item # WA43-BS


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Radius Illuminated Vertical Sidemount License Plate Bracket


Chrome                                                Item # HS-307

Black Anodized                                      Item # HS-307BL

HS-307 installed


PS-201 Installed

Radius Illuminated Primary Sidemount License Plate Bracket


Chrome                                                Item # PS-201

Black Anodized                                      Item # PS-201BL


Victory 2-in-1 Standard Sidemount License Plate Bracket


Item # VSS09-C

Black Anodized                                      Item # VSS09-BL

Mounts vertically or horizontally, LED illuminated plate frame sold separately.


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Victory Load Equalizer

For use on 2005 & up Victory motorcycles with MBW LED turn signals. 

One LR10 used on 2011 & newer bikes when either one or both sets of LEDs installed.

One LR10 used on 2005-2010 bikes when both front and rear LEDs installed.


Item # LR-10

Victory Lowering Kit


*Lowering Kits are NOT RECOMMENDED for use on Vegas Low

Item # MBW-VL1.5B (1.5" drop/black)
Item # MBW-VL1.5S (1.5" drop/silver)
Item # MBW-VL1.0B (1"drop/black)
Item # MBW-VL1.0S (1"drop/silver)



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