At MBW Motorcycle Products, Inc. we don't consider imitation to be the sincerest form of flattery; it's stealing.

We are the original developer and manufacturer of custom LED turn signals for a variety of bikes, starting over 9 years ago with the Kawasaki Mean Streak.  They were developed as a cost effective alternative to frenching, with an emphasis on ease of installation, a clean and tight fit and reasonable cost.  Beware of low budget rip-off imitators that are using, among other things, the wrong LEDs for the job.  We have an exclusive  agreement with the manufacturer of the (patented) flexible LEDs arrays that we use, and no one else can use them to manufacture similar products.  The LEDs we use are high intensity and are specifically designed to be used for direct view applications (like turn signals), and are not accent or similar non-direct view application LEDs that are dangerously inappropriate and inadequate for use as turn signals due mainly to their lack of visibility.

Why even bring it up?  We're more than happy to have our own products judged solely on their own merit, but have had complaints from dissatisfied people who thought they were buying our product and ended up with a poor substitute that was nothing more than a badly made rip-off.  We have numerous dealers and distributors that stock and install our products and would recommend that if you have any questions as to the authenticity of an LED turn signal or sidemount to be an MBW original, to contact us directly. 

Video of MBW LED Turn signals vs. the imitators

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