Q. Does the installation of your products void my warranty?

A. Please read the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act .  Basically, if your dealer tries to void your warranty based on the installation of an aftermarket product, they must first prove that the properly installed product was the direct cause of the problem that you're currently experiencing before denying your claim/warranty.

Q. I belong to the "Fill-in-the-blank Motorcycle Club/Association/Group" am I eligible for a discount?

A. No.  Our prices are the same for everyone, regardless of affiliation.  Typically, so called member discounts artificially inflate retail prices for all customers, so we'd prefer to offer everyone the same product for the same price.  Please check back often as our sales items are updated regularly.

Q. I'd like to ask a question before I purchase, how can I reach you?

A. Please e-mail us with your questions. We will do our best to return your e-mail within 1 business day.

Q. What are LEDs

A: LEDs, or light emitting diodes, use 1/10th of the power required by the normal incandescent bulb. LEDs have no filaments and are not susceptible to failure due to vibration. LEDs are rated to have a 100,000 continuous hour life span.  They  increase safety by lighting quicker than incandescent bulbs and run cooler and are physically smaller than conventional bulbs. 

Q. Are all LEDs created "equal"?

A. No!  To find out why, see this article .

Q. Can I install your products?

A. That depends on your own individual ability. If you think you might not be able to, it's best to have your dealer or shop do it for you. Some of our products are relatively simple bolt-ons, like our sidemounts, while others, like our LED turn signals require some disassembly of the bike and require a knowledge of wiring, soldering, etc. Click on the link below to read the installation instructions for our products...

  • Vegas Rear LED Turn Signal Installation Guide
  • Mean Streak Rear LED Turn Signal Installation Guide
  • Vegas Front Bracket LED Turn Signal Installation Guide
  • Flasher Module Install
  • VTX Rear LED Turn Signal Installation Guide
  • Sidemount Installation Guide
  • Kingpin Front Silver Bullet Installation Guide
  • Kingpin Rear Silver Bullet Installation Guide

Q. Does lowering my Jackpot/HAMMER/Vegas/Kingpin affect my handling or limit ground clearance?

A. Yes. Anytime you lower a bike you affect its handling, including lean angle and ground clearance.  Additional factors will exaggerate these issues including total weight/load, road conditions, riding style and the use of an oversized tire.  Bottoming out or other clearance related issues are not an acceptable reason for return.

Q. Do I need to install a load equalizer or flasher module with your LED turn signals?

A. Sorry, there's no easy yes or no answer for this one.  Also, our experience relates only to our LED products and the load equalizers and flasher modules that we sell. We cannot guarantee how our products will work with others and how the flash rate  or other function (4-way flasher, etc.) will be effected.  Normally, to maintain the stock flash rate, one load equalizer must be used for each LED turn signal used. In the case of the Victory Vegas rear LED turn signal, no device is needed to keep the flash rate stock when used in conjunction with the stock front turn signals, although a flasher module or load equalizer (depending on model year) is required when installing our front and rear LED turn signals together.

Q. Can I install your sidemounts with my saddlebags?

A. That's another question where there's no easy yes or no answer.  More often than not, even if the sidemount will fit, (and it usually needs to be a horizontal), there's a host of additional issues that may cause problems. Visibility is one, and although it may fit under your saddlebags, under load, from additional weight (including luggage and 2-up riding) coupled with road conditions and driving style or from the installation of a lowering kit, you may experience clearance issues. It would be impossible to take all of these circumstances under consideration and make a recommendation for or against using a sidemount, so we recommend that you choose one or the other. Clearance issues arising from installing our sidemounts in conjunction with saddlebags, luggage, etc., are not acceptable reasons for return.

Q. Are your LED turn signals waterproof?

A. Our LED turn signals were designed to be used under the same exact conditions that the OEM turn signals were designed for. However, as most if not all bike manufacturers recommend, do not wash your bike with a high pressure hose .  This will force water into areas where it doesn't belong including your OEM and our LED turn signal assemblies, and is not covered under warranty. Under normal conditions, including hand washing and using a low pressure garden hose, or riding your bike in the rain, water cannot enter the LED turn signal assembly, which is sealed for it's protection.

Q. I have brand "X" turn signals installed on my bike and want to add your  product(s) now, will it work?

A. Our experience with the function and interoperability of products is limited to our own products and stock.  It would be impossible to account for the myriad of aftermarket applications and how they would interact with our products.  This applies to our custom LED turn signals, as well as flasher modules and load equalizers.  Please do not ask us technical or installation questions about products we do not sell, or ask to return products purchased from us that did not work properly with products we don't sell. If you have any questions, please contact us before placing an order.

Q. Any new projects in the works?

A. Please check our news page to see what we're working on.  We strongly encourage feedback and suggestions from our customers and dealers, and will do our best to meet your needs.

Please feel free to e-mail us any of your questions and thanks, we hope to earn your business...

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